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Join us in Toronto for the
38th Annual World Fantasy Convention
Thursday, November 1 – Sunday, November 4, 2012

Northern Gothic and Urban Fantasy are the dual literary themes of WFC 2012. Gothic Fiction traditionally takes place in an ancient castle or abbey, but in today's literature, the cityscape has replaced the old castle and urban fantasy is the "new gothic." Urban Fantasy is a mode, where a city is a place, or iconic; Urban Fantasy recounts an experience, told from within, and from the perspective of characters.

Guests of Honour:
John Clute •   Encyclopedist Guest of Honour
Elizabeth Hand •   Author Guest of Honour
Richard A. Kirk •   Artist Guest of Honour
Gary K. Wolfe •   Toastmaster

Special Guests:
Charles de Lint    •   Tanya Huff    •   Patricia Briggs    •   Mercedes Lackey    •   Larry Dixon

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The above three options are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
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Materials Accepted: All ads must be received in electronic format.
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Preferred formats: If you need to submit in a different format, email Rina Weisman first to ensure we can accept it.

•   PDF / press optimized

•   TIFF files / 300 dpi resolution, grayscale or CMYK

File submission: Please send all files to Christopher Roden—
Payment questions: Rina Weisman,
Publisher Liaison—

Please note:

•   You will be sent an invoice and payment instructions once your ad files are received and confirmed.

•   Please wait to receive an invoice before paying for your ad.

•   Please include your mailing address when you submit your ad, so that we may mail you a tearsheet showing proof of publication after the convention

•   If your accounting department requires we fill out vendor paperwork for payments please email them to Rina Weisman as soon as possible.

Guests of Hounour
Elizabeth Hand
Elizabeth Hand
Author Guest of Honour
John Clute
John Clute
Encyclopedist Guest of Honour
Richard A. Kirk
Richard A. Kirk
Artist Guest of Honour
Gary K. Wolfe
Gary K. Wolfe

Special Guests
Charles de Lint
Charles de Lint
Special Guest
Tanya Huff
Patricia Briggs
Patricia Briggs
Mercedes Lackey
Mercedes Lackey
Larry Dixon
Larry Dixon

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