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Promotion Opportunities

As the saying goes, "How can you accomplish anything unless people know what you are trying to do?" The World Fantasy Convention in Toronto, 2012 has a full slate of publicity options on offer.

World Fantasy Convention Book •  Donating new books, ARCs/galleys of upcoming or recent titles, and current or recent magazines/zine issues for the members book bags.

The Membership Book Bag is the first opportunity to make a great impression—market your new novel, showcase your new audio book or ebook release to your peers and fans, reintroduce attendees to an old favourite, or launch the debut novelist you’re excited about. It's also a great way to provide new and backlist titles from any one of our Guests of Honor, reminding us again just why we love their work.

A donation of 300 to 400 copies of each title, or a donation of 200-300 copies of mixed titles ensures a good mix circulating among members. If you would like to donate a single title in quantity, one copy for every member (approximately 950), please email Rina Weisman at

However, no amount is too small, as even 20-50 books gives you a presence and buzz at WFC. For magazines, a mix of issues, current and past, is a great way to boost subscriptions—or donate enough single current issues for one per book bag. WFC2012 Digital Content Guidelines

E-books & e-zines: We have prepared suggested donation guidleines and specifications as a PDF file linked here or linked to the image at right.

•  Sending materials for the literature tables

Members visit this area throughout the convention, collecting a wide array of information for later reference. Please send no more than 300 of any one item. Consider sending any of the following to promote yourself, your company, or your books and authors:

•   promotional pieces like stickers, buttons, posters, bookmarks, flyers, postcards, pens, temp tattoos, chapbooks, catalogues, 2013 calendars, etc.
•   CDs of promotional music, DVDs of book trailers
•   magazines/zines subscription and information flyers, contest flyers, convention and conference flyers, writing workshops.

All materials should relate to science fiction, fantasy, horror, and genre literature. Anything containing work by the attending authors would be especially pertinent and welcome.

Shipping to WFC: We will have a customs broker to assist you if you are shipping from outside Canada. We're here to help, and make it easy for you. Further shipping details should be available by July 15th. If you are a publisher with distribution in Canada, you can ship within Canada and avoid the border! Email me with any questions!

•  Purchasing an ad in the WFC Program Book

World Fantasy Convention Book An advertisement in the WFC 2012 Program Book brings your featured author, your publications, your company, or convention to the attention of noted professionals and readers in the field of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and genre literature. In particular, should your author be one of our Guests of Honor, or nominated for a World Fantasy Award, this is a wonderful way to congratulate them!

Reasonable rates, and special offers for multiple ads make this a marketing opportunity not to be missed!

For the Program Book Ad Rate Card...

In addition, consider supporting World Fantasy Convention and your company and authors by:

•   Sponsorings events during the World Fantasy Convention
•   Holding a party, or book launch at the convention
•   Purchasing World Fantasy Award Banquet tickets, singly or by the table.

For more information, please email Rina Weisman, Publisher Liaison, at, or call at 415.572.1015 (cell, USA Pacific time).

World Fantasy Awards
The World Fantasy Awards will be presented Sunday, November 4, following (and in the same room as) the afternoon banquet, which will be held in the York Ballroom A. Seating will begin at 12:30pm and the banquet itself will begin at 1pm. Banquet tickets cost $70 CDN per person for a four-course luncheon including two bottles of wine for each table, all applicable taxes, gratuities, and service charges. Banquet tickets are not included in the cost of your membership, nor do banquet tickets include admission to the convention. Everyone attending the banquet must be a member of the convention and must also have a separate banquet ticket.
For tickets and more details...

The dual themes of World Fantasy 2012 are Northern Gothic and Urban Fantasy.

Gothic Fantasy
Gothic fiction usually takes place in an ancient castle or abbey... The cityscape has replaced the old castle and Urban Fantasy is the new Gothic.

Urban Fantasy
A city is a place; urban fantasy is a mode. A city may be an icon or a geography; the Urban Fantasy recounts an experience. A city may be seen from afar, and is generally seen clear; the Urban Fantasy is told from within, and, from the perspective of characters acting out their roles.

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