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Tanya Huff
Special Guest
Tanya Huff Following three years in the Canadian Naval Reserve, a year studying forestry, a winter hanging around Universal studios, a degree in Radio and Television Arts, and time spent managing North America's oldest surviving SF&F bookstore (Bakka-Phoenix back when it was only Bakka), Tanya Huff moved to rural Ontario with her partner Fiona Patton and began writing science fiction and fantasy full-time—or as full-time as possible around the needs of nine cats and eighty acres of land. Her twenty-five books range from heroic fantasy (the Quarters books) through humour (the Keeper Chronicles) to military SF (the Torin Kerr Confederation series) and include Scholar of Decay a novel set in TSR's Ravenloft universe as well as four short story collections.

Her books have been translated into seven languages (eight if you include British English) and her five book Blood series, an urban fantasy/vampire/mystery mix which predated the current vampire craze by about fifteen years, was adapted into the 22 episode television series Blood Ties—a process she enjoyed every moment of. And not only because it was the first time in twenty-five years she actually got to use her degree. The three book Smoke series has now also been optioned for television so we'll see where that goes.

She tends to watch more action than drama—Supernatural, Castle, Bones, Fringe, NCIS—loves Guy Ritchie movies, and thought the Star Trek reboot rocked. Her tastes in books ranges across the board depending on mood at the time. When she's not writing, or gardening, or dealing with the cats, or watching TV, or reading, she practices the guitar and spends far too much time connecting with the world one hundred and forty characters at a time.

For more information, please visit Tanya Huff's Website or visit her entry at ISFDB.

Smoke and Mirrors The Second Summoning Of Darkness, Light, and Fire

John Clute
Encyclopedist Guest of Honour John Clute
From 1956 until 1964 John Clute lived in the USA. Since 1968 he has lived primarily in London. Much of his time since 1975 has been given to The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (1979; second edition 1993; online edition 2011) with Peter Nicholls and latterly David Langford. The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction won a Hugo in 2012. He also did The Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997) with John Grant which won the World Fantasy Award.


Elizabeth Hand
Author Guest of Honour Elizabeth Hand
Elizabeth Hand grew up in Yonkers and Pound Ridge, New York, oldest of five children and twenty-four cousins in a close-knit family, Irish Catholic New Yorkers on her father's side, Texans and Oklahomans on her mother's. She decided to become a writer in 1962, when she was five years old, after seeing The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm, where the dying Wilhelm Grimm (Laurence Harvey) is saved by the magical intervention of the fairytale characters he had written about.

Charles de Lint
Special Guest
Photo © Leslie Howle
Charles de Lint Charles de Lint is widely credited with having pioneered the contemporary fantasy genre. With 35 novels and 18 books of short fiction published to date, he is known as a master in his field. His most recent adult novel, The Mystery of Grace, is a love story, a ghost story, a supernatural mystery and, above all, a heart-wrenching tale of passion and faith.

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