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John Clute
Encyclopedist Guest of Honour
John Clute Photo © Judith Clute
John Clute was born in Toronto in 1940 and mostly raised there.

From 1956 until 1964 he lived in the USA. Since 1968 he has lived primarily in London.

Though his first professional publication was a long sf-tinged narrative poem called "Carcajou Lament" for Triquarterly in 1959, he has written mostly non-fiction from 1960 on. He began professional reviewing for The Toronto Star in 1966, and has worked as a reviewer, mostly in the literatures of the fantastic—fantastika for short—ever since then. American journals he's contributed to include Collage; The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction; The Washington Post; The New York Times; The Los Angeles Times; Omni; The New York Review of Science Fiction; Science Fiction Weekly; Nova Express; Science Fiction Eye; the Boston Herald; Salonmagazine. British journals include Interzone; Times Literary Supplement; Observer; Sunday Times; Guardian; Independent; Correspondent; Mail on Sunday; New Statesman; New Scientist; Listener; Foundation. Much of this material, cleaned up for preservation, has been assembled in four collections: Strokes: Essays and Reviews 1966-1986 (1988), Look at the Evidence (1996), Scores: Reviews 1993-2003 (2003) and Canary Fever: Reviews (2009).

Other non-fiction books include Science Fiction: the Illustrated Encyclopedia (1995), which won the second of his three Hugos, The Book of End Times: Grappling with the Millennium (1999), and Pardon This Intrusion: Fantastika in the World Storm (2011).

Much of his time since 1975 has been given to The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (1979; second edition 1993; online edition 2011) with Peter Nicholls and latterly David Langford. The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction won a Hugo in 2012.

He also did The Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997) with John Grant which won the World Fantasy Award.

These books were mostly written by the named editors, though hundreds of thousands of words have been contributed by others, including Mike Ashley, Adam Roberts, Brian Stableford and Neal Tringham. He has co-edited several anthologies and edited Heroes in the Wind: From Kull to Conan: The Best of Robert E Howard (2009), solo.

He publishes fiction infrequently. His two novels are The Disinheriting Party (1977) and Appleseed (2001), which was a New York Times Notable Book for 2002. It is SF.

He is a book collector. Pray for his soul.

For more information, please visit John Clute's Website or visit his entry at ISFDB.

The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction The Encyclopedia of Fantasy

Elizabeth Hand
Author Guest of Honour Elizabeth Hand
Elizabeth Hand grew up in Yonkers and Pound Ridge, New York, oldest of five children and twenty-four cousins in a close-knit family, Irish Catholic New Yorkers on her father's side, Texans and Oklahomans on her mother's. She decided to become a writer in 1962, when she was five years old, after seeing The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm, where the dying Wilhelm Grimm (Laurence Harvey) is saved by the magical intervention of the fairytale characters he had written about.

Gary K. Wolfe
Toastmaster Gary K. Wolfe
Gary K. Wolfe, Professor of Humanities and English at Roosevelt University and a contributing editor for Locus magazine, is the author of dozens of essays and more than 1200 reviews, as well as many critical studies. His Soundings: Reviews 1992-1996 (Beccon Publications, 2005) received the British Science Fiction Association Award for nonfiction, and was nominated for a Hugo Award.

Charles de Lint
Special Guest
Photo © Leslie Howle
Charles de Lint Charles de Lint is widely credited with having pioneered the contemporary fantasy genre. With 35 novels and 18 books of short fiction published to date, he is known as a master in his field. His most recent adult novel, The Mystery of Grace, is a love story, a ghost story, a supernatural mystery and, above all, a heart-wrenching tale of passion and faith.

Richard A. Kirk
Artist Guest of Honour Richard A. Kirk
Richard A. Kirk is a visual artist, illustrator, and author. He was born in Kingston Upon Hull, England in 1962, but has lived in Canada for most of his life. He exhibits throughout North America and Europe, and has works in many private collections throughout the world. He has illustrated works numerous authors including, Clive Barker, Caitlín R. Kiernan, Christopher Golden, China Miéville, and others. Richard also created the artwork for the eighth release by the international rock band Korn.

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