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World Fatasy Convention
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Committee (and email links)

Chair: Peter Halasz
Assistant to the Chair: Joseph T. Berlant
Advisors: Joseph T. Berlant
Rodger Turner
Michael Walsh
Vice-Chair and Registration: Evelyn Baker
At-Con Registration: Joni Dashoff
Staff: Angela Keeley
Karl McAlonen
Mary-Ellen McAlonen
Autographing: Seth Breidbart
Publicity and Progress Reports: Kim Czigarenko
Staff: Ron Kasman
Jessica Langer
Christian Sauvé
Rina Weisman
Treasurer: Amy De Ruyte
Programming: Barbara Roden
Christopher Roden
Staff: Robert Knowlton
Danel Olson
Program Book: Christopher Roden
Barbara Roden
Staff: Jim Rockhill
Rina Weisman
Jason Zerrillo
Dealer Room Manager: Joseph T. Berlant
Staff: Art Henderson
Becky Henderson
Art Show Manager: David Federman
Staff: Adriana De Ruyte
Lucy Doran
Desiree Kern
David LaRush
Rebecca Lovatt
Sharon Mannell
Sarah Parker
Liz Passmore
Hospitality: Kim Kofmel
Hospitality Suite: Tammy Coxen
Staff: Cassandra De Ruyte
adrienne everitt
Jenn Ridley
Thomas Gofton
Marah Searle-Kovacevic
GoH Liaison: Kim Greyson
Hotel Liaison: Mark Hall
Operations: Jeff Beeler
Staff: Laura Rainbow Dragon
Kyle Duncan
Tamara Vardomskaya
Anne Zanoni
Tech: Michael Labadie
Special Ops: Tim Roden
Volunteers: Peggy Rae Sapienza
Publisher Liaison: Rina Weisman
Staff: Patricia A. Diggs
Webmaster: Rodger Turner
Staff: Peter McGarvey

Condition of Membership
The World Fantasy Convention is a gathering of professionals and like-minded individuals which meets annually to network, to conduct business and to celebrate excellence & achievements within the field.

WFC 2012 has a no tolerance policy for harassment or other inappropriate behaviour. WFC 2012 reserves the right to revoke the membership of and to escort off the premises any member who behaves outside the bounds of social decency and/or who contravenes federal, provincial, or municipal laws and statutes.

Should an incident occur, please contact facility security and the convention chair and/or vice-chairs without delay.

The dual themes of World Fantasy 2012 are Northern Gothic and Urban Fantasy.

Gothic Fantasy
Gothic fiction usually takes place in an ancient castle or abbey... The cityscape has replaced the old castle and Urban Fantasy is the new Gothic.

Urban Fantasy
A city is a place; urban fantasy is a mode. A city may be an icon or a geography; the Urban Fantasy recounts an experience. A city may be seen from afar, and is generally seen clear; the Urban Fantasy is told from within, and, from the perspective of characters acting out their roles.

The Encyclopedia of Fantasy
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